2018 shed hunt2018 Shed Hunt

This really wasn’t much of a Shed hunt. Every year, I bring the girls out with me. So far, they have yet to be a true help rather than hindrance in terms of finding sheds. I truly enjoy taking them with me to the outdoors.  I want to share the story from my 2018 shed hunt in order show reality. We don’t always find the deer we shoot. Sometimes, we find them months later. The deer wound up within 80 yards of every tree I hunted during the remainder of the season.

As I state in the video, I can’t believe that we didn’t find it during our grid search. Both my brother and I had to have walked right past her several times each. I don’t like that the meat ended up going to coyotes (I’m assuming). I have never caught any coyotes on camera but have seen them in the area. But, I have seen one while hunting on the property. Turns out, she was laying within the camera’s sight. She would never have been picked up or noticed in a picture, but was definitely within range.

If you haven’t gathered by now, we did not find any sheds. Truth be told, I enjoy getting out there and walking. I can honestly say that I’ve never found a shed while shed hunting.  In fact, I’ve found very few sheds in general. I am still trying to improve my buck finding ability. Because of that, I’ve focused more on scouting than I have looking for sheds.


This year was not much different than past years in terms of finding sheds. This year I identified some places that I thought bucks were bedding on some local public ground. It would have been nice to confirm that with some sheds. On my next walk in that area, I’m going to push a little father back. I did not get back to where I really wanted to look due to the girls getting cold. Regardless, it was a sad find on an otherwise great shed hunt with my girls.

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