Antlers for DogsAntlers For Dogs – A Long lasting Chew

If you have a dog that like to chew, then you know that frustrating feeling that comes over you when you walk in the house to have chewed up shoes or furniture. Though I haven’t had a puppy in my house for almost 10 years, I can still remember how happy we were when we discovered how great antlers for dogs are at lasting. It didn’t matter how “indestructible” any toy claimed to be, our little Boomer destroyed it in 10 minutes flat. Even rawhide chews  didn’t last 20 minutes. The antlers lasted a minimum of an entire day. To say that we were astonished is an understatement.  We still keep a few around for him to chew on whenever he gets the itch, but at 10 years old, the majority of his constant need to chew on things are behind him.


 Antlers for Dogs – Deerhuntertips Recommended

antlers for dogsWe here at take our relationship with our dog very seriously. Boomer is the first dog that I got after moving out of my parents house. My girlfriend and I went to pick him up on my 21st birthday and it’s a day that I will never forget. It’s because of him that I’ll never forget that day far more than the memory of turning 21 because being of legal drinking age has never really concerned me. Anyway, with that being said, I have found a couple different options on Amazon that I trust through the numerous awesome reviews. Though antlers for dogs are a bit more expensive than your average raw hide, you can’t beat the longevity of the antlers. Plus, dogs absolutely love them! My first recommendation is the Antler Man – Premium Deer Antler Pieces; it’s a by the pound deal and not too bad of a price. If you just want to buy one at a time, I recommend the Large Deer Antlers for Dogs, All Natural Dog Chew because again, it’s not too expensive compared to other things you can find at the store and it’s something that will last a long time for even the most tiresome of chewers. I promise you wont be sorry. Happy Hunting!

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