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It sounds more like an odd craigslist ad than it does a headline, but when I first started getting in to bow hunting, I honestly never even thought about it. I had grown up gun hunting only, so I simply didn’t need anything to hold my weapon. So that first year that I went out in to the woods, before I had even had my first sit, I figured I would hold my bow the same way that I held my gun while in stand. During gun season, I would always just lay my gun on the rails of the stand so that it was easy to pick up and start aiming all in one motion. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t translate the same when bow hunting. First off, unlike my shotgun, my bow barely fits across the whole width of the stand so the bow would rest on the cams. And that was with an older, longer bow. The new bows these days would fall straight through. Second problem I had was that my gun would rotate so that the heavy side (top side with the scope) was down and it made no difference. However, with my bow, the arrow would need to face down and there is just zero way to pick that up to get ready for a shot without making a ton of movement. This would make it impossible for me to get a shot off when it is already hard enough to have success with a bow and arrow. It only took me a couple hunts before I had had enough and decided that I needed to come up with a better way to hold my bow while on stand.

Primos Treestand Bow Holder ReviewBow Holder

Even 8 years ago when I first started bow hunting, there were a few different options when it came to holding your bow up in a treestand. After standing in the isle of Gander Mountain for probably an hour just looking at the different options, I went with the Primos Treestand Bow Holder. There are many great things about it. First, it has two hooks to hold any other accessories you may have (like your flextone grunt call or  binoculars). The other good thing about it is that it is rock solid! I have had one sitting up in my backyard practice tree for the entire spring and summer. Because of that, I thought it was going to be quite difficult to unscrew it from the tree so I put a lot of force in to it. Normally, there isn’t much of a story here, but the thing is, I was accidentally tightening it rather than loosening it… oops! Anyway, the reason I tell you that is because even though I had that thing rotated so far that I thought it would snap, once I realized my mistake, I took the tension off, and the bow holder actually went right back to it’s original position.  I was pretty shocked that I hadn’t bent the living hell of out it. The second thing that is most noteworthy about the Primos treestand bow holder is that once you swing out the arm so that it’s fully extended, the bow holder makes zero noise when putting your bow on the rubber coated hook. Whether you are in need of a new bow holder because yours broke or you are just starting out and realizing that you are going to need a bow holder, the primos treestand bow holder is the real deal. Once screwed in to the tree, you can forget about it because it just performs. It’s designed so that it does not retain water even if you decide to leave the bow holder in the treestand all year long. Check out for delivery to your door!

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