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Carbon Express arrows have been a top brand for a few years now, so the quality that they put out is relatively well known. The Mutiny line of arrows was suggested to me by the sales person at my local Gander Mountain. I had been using Gander Mountain’s Whitetail arrows prior to that but they were discontinued. The arrows have definitely survived a lot of abuse up to this point, but I am down to my last arrow from my original 6 that I purchased about a year ago.

Mutiny and Me

In the year that I have been using these Carbon express arrows, I must say that I have been relatively happy with them. Carbon Express Arrows - Mutiny Review featureThe only other arrow that I have to compare them to are the ones that are no longer available from Gander Mountain. So here is my take on the Mutiny arrows. They are strong. I have probably put a few thousand shots on each. I believe most were taken out of commission due to user error (on my part obviously) from not removing or adjusting my release before removing arrows from the target. My Tru Fire Release is also about a year old and I have rubbed part of the rubber a little raw that covers the bolt. I am pretty sure that the bolt is the culprit of putting a few scratches in the arrows.


At this point in time, I would definitely recommend the Mutiny Carbon Express Arrows. I have put more shots on each arrow than I can count because I shoot every single day, sometimes taking over 100 shots with those 6 arrows. I feel for the price of them, they have most certainly held up to my previous brand. I will certainly be giving these arrows another year before making a final decision. I want to see how they last when I make the conscious effort to keep my release bolt away from them. To give these arrows a try, have them delivered to your door from or Both have reasonable prices, with Amazon being slightly cheaper.Carbon Express Arrows - Mutiny review chart

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