A Hand Muff? When I first started hunting, there was no such thing as a hand muff as far as I knew. The best I had was hand warmers that would last for a few hours and definitely helped keep me warm, but they seemed to be more of a band aid than and actual… Read More

Early Season Bugs During the early season, it’s no secret that the bugs are still out. Many places are still over a month away from that first frost and the mosquitoes can be relentless. I am lucky enough that even during opening day, the temperatures are normally such that the bugs are not very active.… Read More

First Time Climber User I have to admit, this is the very first climber I have ever tried out before. This particular Summit Viper climbing stand is used, so I also wanted to make sure to mention that as I’m sure that it effects my use of it. Ever since I started hunting, I’ve always… Read More

Bow Holder Needed It sounds more like an odd craigslist ad than it does a headline, but when I first started getting in to bow hunting, I honestly never even thought about it. I had grown up gun hunting only, so I simply didn’t need anything to hold my weapon. So that first year that… Read More

My First Mechanical Broadhead Many people out there either absolutely love or absolutely hate shooting a Rage broadhead. I’m not sure why, but this brand above all others seems to get the most flack when it comes to the mechanical/fixed blade debate. I must start this off by saying that normally I am a fixed… Read More

Why a Two Man Ladder Stand? There are many reasons that someone would need a two man ladder stand for their hunting location. First off, using a two man ladder stand is perfect to get little ones or new hunters out there with you. You don’t want to take a new hunter and throw them… Read More

My First Grunt Call To be honest, I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for when I first started looking at grunt calls. I didn’t even know who all made them, Flextone included. As you watch the hunting channels, it doesn’t take long to notice that each show is featuring a different call.… Read More

Dead Down Wind – Is it a myth? For the longest time, I hunted without a care in the world in terms of scent elimination. In fact, the best deer I have killed to date was taken before I started thinking about trying to be dead down wind. During that time, the very most that… Read More

“Check out the Scott Samurai” This summer I was finally able to get a few more archery products to get my wife set up and ready for the season. While meandering around the archery talk group on facebook, I got it to a conversation with a gentleman that recommended I try the Samurai release by… Read More

I need a trail camera When I first started hunting, the Moultrie game camera didn’t exist. In fact, trail camera’s were just starting to be made available. This was back in the day when we had to use old school film and have it developed before you could see if you got any good pictures.… Read More