I need a trail camera When I first started hunting, the Moultrie game camera didn’t exist. In fact, trail camera’s were just starting to be made available. This was back in the day when we had to use old school film and have it developed before you could see if you got any good pictures.… Read More

Arrow I.D. 5000 The Nikon rangefinder that I chose to hunt with is the Nikon Arrow I.D. 5000. Before deciding on which rangefinder to buy, I did a lot of reading details on all sorts of rangefinder options and read countless reviews. One of the things that drove me to the Arrow ID is that… Read More

Carbon Express Arrows Carbon Express arrows have been a top brand for a few years now, so the quality that they put out is relatively well known. The Mutiny line of arrows was suggested to me by the sales person at my local Gander Mountain. I had been using Gander Mountain’s Whitetail arrows prior to… Read More

Tru Fire Release & Me   I have personally been using a Tru Fire Release for the past year. It is the first release I have ever bought and I don’t plan on ever getting a new one until this one breaks on me. It is one of the, if not THE cheapest release you… Read More