Bow Hunting Stands Needed For the longest time we only gun hunted on our 80 acre piece of land in Southern Illinois. As the passion for deer hunting began getting stronger, we started looking for a way to spend more time doing what we love. Luckily, bow hunting was an obvious way for us to… Read More

Deer Hunting 2nd Season Illinois As some of you may already know, I was unable to make it to camp for deer hunting Illinois’ first firearms season this year. Because of that, I made sure that I made it down for the second firearms season. The photo above is the one and only photo that… Read More

Big Doe Down – Overview I headed to the woods early Saturday morning. After looking at the weather, I could tell it was a can’t miss day to be out there. We had several miserable days in a row that included rain, clouds, warming temps, and lots of wind. Though at this point it should… Read More

Southern Illinois Rut Hunt I just got back from my second hunt on the property down in Southern Illinois. I was really hoping for that typical Southern Illinois rut hunt that would bring bucks running all over and chasing does. Unfortunately, that was not at all the case. Though there were quite a few scrapes… Read More

Deer Close Up – The Back Story I was out hunting for the last few days as every serious hunter does during this time of year. While sitting on the ground with absolutely zero cover, I had this nice 6 point buck walk up to almost 5 yards from me before he realized that something… Read More

Quickie Hunt – Today’s Mission Yesterday morning when I dropped my kids off at my parents house, I had one goal. That goal was to get out and hunt even if it just ended up being a quickie hunt. With a Honey Do list about a mile long, I knew that it was going to… Read More

        Intro If you have not yet seen the 2015 hopeful hit listers, check them out also. So far, I have not had any deer that I can say for certain is 4 1/2 years old or older. That being said, I’ve got a few bucks that have been caught on camera… Read More

Tonight’s Treestand Therapy This evening I was able to get out to my funnel spot for a little bit of treestand therapy. I was extremely late to the stand, but it was the earliest I could make it out there due to family obligations. I love spending time with my family, but with the perfect… Read More

(Almost) Unedited Video The following is part of my self filming learning curve. You will see all of the video that I was able to get during my hunting trip this weekend. To start with, I say the wrong date (and never noticed in time). I actually left on Thursday October 8, not the 7th.… Read More

Deer Hunt Intro Well, yesterday evening (October 3, 2015) I finally got out for my first deer hunt of the season! My wife and I were so pumped to head down to our spot in Kendall County Illinois for our first deer hunt on the property. After getting geared up and ready to hit the… Read More