End of Season Equipment Check – Rage Replacement Blades Now that the season is over, I’m finally getting around to doing my end of season equipment check. Part of that obviously is to check my broadheads. While doing so, I remembered that I had not yet replaced the blades on my rage 2 blade broadhead.… Read More

Side by Side Comparison of Tank and Hit Lister. Do you agree that it’s the same buck? Tank – #1 Hit List Buck Last year when we were finally able to get the cameras set up and taking pictures I remember being extremely excited for all the different things I could use them for and… Read More

Looking for Deer Sheds Today This morning I went out for my first attempt at finding some deer sheds this season. I was in charge of watching my two girls today as well so the three of us decided to keep it simple. We headed over to a local neighborhood that has some timber that… Read More

Looking Back to October As with each and every October, my deer season began with the hopes and dreams of putting down the biggest buck I’d ever seen on the hoof while knowing that at the end of the season I’d be looking back at much more than a simple harvest report. I didn’t know… Read More

2015-16 Illinois Archery Season Coming to a Close This weekend marks the final two days of the 2015-16 Illinois archery season. As a die hard bow hunter with a tag still in my pocket, I will find myself sitting up in a tree on both evenings. At this point in the season, I am also… Read More

Hunting Season Update – Wet Sit Two weeks ago I was able to get a morning sit at my local funnel spot. I had not been there in a while and was looking to just enjoy a relaxing morning up in the stand. Since my last hunt, I found out that someone got permission to… Read More

Bow Hunting Stands Needed For the longest time we only gun hunted on our 80 acre piece of land in Southern Illinois. As the passion for deer hunting began getting stronger, we started looking for a way to spend more time doing what we love. Luckily, bow hunting was an obvious way for us to… Read More

Deer Hunting 2nd Season Illinois As some of you may already know, I was unable to make it to camp for deer hunting Illinois’ first firearms season this year. Because of that, I made sure that I made it down for the second firearms season. The photo above is the one and only photo that… Read More

Big Doe Down – Overview I headed to the woods early Saturday morning. After looking at the weather, I could tell it was a can’t miss day to be out there. We had several miserable days in a row that included rain, clouds, warming temps, and lots of wind. Though at this point it should… Read More

Southern Illinois Rut Hunt I just got back from my second hunt on the property down in Southern Illinois. I was really hoping for that typical Southern Illinois rut hunt that would bring bucks running all over and chasing does. Unfortunately, that was not at all the case. Though there were quite a few scrapes… Read More