Flextone Bone CollectorMy First Grunt Call

To be honest, I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for when I first started looking at grunt calls. I didn’t even know who all made them, Flextone included. As you watch the hunting channels, it doesn’t take long to notice that each show is featuring a different call. Each show claims that it’s their favorite call and say that it’s the reason they got the deer. All I hear when I see that is “blah blah blah”! They are getting paid for that endorsement and who knows whether or not that call had any impact on their hunt or not. So when I decided that I should have a grunt call in the backpack just in case, I turned to hunting friends to point me in the right direction. The only person that I knew that had any experience using a grunt call was my brother, who pointed me towards the Flextone Bone Collector.

The Basics

The call is able to produce a few different sounds. A fawn, doe, or buck grunt can all be done with flextone’s bone collector. I like that the vast majority of the call is flexible so it doesn’t make any noise when it’s in the backpack and bumping up against other gear. In order to make a snort wheeze call louder, it’s easy to remove the lower portion of the call to allow that to be accomplished. This call is able to product just about any type of sound that comes out of a whitetail and is pretty easy to use. Flextone even included a tutorial as part of the packaging that I have kept and stays in my hunting pack for easy reference if needed.

Flextone Bone Collector The Pros and Cons

One of the best things about the call is also one of the worst. the flexibility of the entire call makes it quiet when not in use, but during those brutal cold hunts the flexibility all but completely disappears as the rubber material hardens. I have found that come late season, this call is basically useless as it freezes up. Keep in mind, this only is a problem if you want to use the Doe or Fawn buttons on the call. A snort wheeze and a regular buck grunt are still just as possible and easy as any other time. I like that the call has buttons for choosing which call to make because you never have to guess about what call is going to come out. Plus, the call is cheap. For an all in one call, you can’t ask for any more than that.

The Flextone Bottom Line

Bottom line on a recommendation for this product is…. it depends. If you hunt in the South where the temps are rarely below freezing, then the only real con of this product is of no concern to you. However, if you hunt in Northern parts of Northern states or Canada, this call may end up being more trouble than it’s worth even though parts of it will still work just fine. You can buy this call at multiple places and even have it delivered to your door. Gander Mountain is selling it for $19.99. Amazon also sells it and right now there is a sale price of $15.68 so snatch it up!

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