gun cleaning kitGun Cleaning Kit for a First Gun or Hunter’s Needs

For the average hunter, the gun cleaning kit that you need can be pretty basic. If you are just the average non hunting home owner that owns a weapon for self defense, your gun cleaning kit can be even more basic. Either way, a simple kit that includes the minimum basics will be plenty enough to get you going. The average hunter most likely owns a gun in each category. Meaning, a rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol. Most basic kits will come with items that are sufficient for cleaning all three of those types of guns. The one that I own can be seen in the picture to the left. Personally, I don’t think I will ever need to replace anything in the kit other than the disposable items like the patches and the oils. The kit in the photo is the Remington Arms universal gun cleaning kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get you started and is made to be used at home.

Gun Cleaning Kit for The High End or Avid Gun User

gun leaning kitThe kit in the picture below is the kit for you. This kit comes with a hard case to protect all the tools while on the go. Specifically designed to be used in the field or at home, this kit contains everything you need in a disposable and portable way. This kit has the tools to take care of even the oddest caliber gun no matter if you are in the field or in your basement. The kit even comes with a pad so that you have a soft place to set the rest of the gun down while working with individual pieces. With each item being individually packaged, you will easily be able to clean any gun while not having to worry about having an open bottle to spill everywhere while traveling. The reviews on Amazon are great as well. If you are looking to get everything you could ever need to keep all of your guns clean then this is the kit for you!

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  • Does the High End kit come with a solvent trap? Or does it have some other kind of tool to catch any residue when you pull the brush out of the barrel? I hate getting that stuff all over my table and my clothes.

    • I am not sure on that. You would have to contact the manufacturer. I have to say that’s an item I wouldn’t even think about. The one you provided a link to is for an AR style rifle which I have zero experience with. I generally just cover the table with a towel that I’m not worried about ruining.

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