Hand MuffA Hand Muff?

When I first started hunting, there was no such thing as a hand muff as far as I knew. The best I had was hand warmers that would last for a few hours and definitely helped keep me warm, but they seemed to be more of a band aid than and actual solution because I then had to continue buying them to stay warm. Constantly throwing money away on products is not something that I ever choose to do. Instead, I was looking for a solution that was a one time purchase and would keep me warm no matter what the weather was like. The other problem that I had, was that I had to wear extremely bulky gloves, which never really seemed to get the job done because I was still cramming my hands in to ever crevice I could find to try and keep them warm while up in a treestand on a 19 degree day. When I first heard of something called a hand muff, I was watching football and heard an announcer talking about the hand muff that quarterbacks use so that they don’t have to wear gloves and can heat up there hands in between plays. I immediately saw the potential for the hand muff in a hunting setting and began looking for one.

Finally Got a Hand Muffhand muff

It honestly didn’t take me very long to find one, I was extremely surprised at that. That was a little more than 10 years ago now and I can honestly say that it has hands down been the best investment I have ever made in terms of hand warmth while hunting. I don’t expect that I’ll ever need to upgrade from the hand muff, unless it’s to a solar powered heated version or something like that. I now use my hand muff from opening day all the way to the final day of the season. the only difference is that during the early season, I am bare handed and as the colder months set in I will go to using a very thin glove. I use the cheap kind, nothing special. I find that is all I need even when the temperatures are below zero. In case you were wondering, yes, I have absolutely hunted in below zero weather. There is no way my hands could have survived that unless I hand my hand muff.
hand muff

Conclusion on the Hand Muff

Hands down, totally recommend getting yourself a hand muff for your cold weather hunting this winter. I can tell you from personal experience that a hand muff will eliminate cold hands. This is especially helpful for bow hunters who cannot use bulky gloves when trying to shoot their bow. In the absolute worst conditions you may choose to use a hand warmer on the inside of the hand muff, but so far I have not yet reached a temperature that I have needed to do that. The hand muff that I have also has a zipped pocket to store items that you need handy. Hand Muffs can be found at Amazon for about $20. The one pictured to the left can be found at Gander Mountain.com for about $35. Both options can have your hand muff to your door before you know  it.