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For years, I have froze my butt off in the stand. No matter how many layers I put on or how warm the clothes I had on were supposed to be, I still froze. The quickest answer was to use hand warmers. I have to admit that they definitely work, but they tend to create a super hot spot with a quickly diminishing area around it. In order to keep my entire body warm, I would have 3 hand warmers for my feet and hands, and then a big one that went along my lower back. All in all, about $15 per sit. That kind of money adds up very quickly. By the time late season rolls in, I know it’s very possible that I could be sitting in below zero conditions. Last year, I did exactly that one more than one occasion. On one of those mornings, I actually froze to the seat. I was warm when I initially sat down so I melted the ice. Then, as I began to cool down, the water refroze and it actually took more than a little bit of effort to stand up when I finally decided to call it quits. That was during the last week of the season last year and it was then that I really made the decision to take a  look at the heater body suit.

What Others say about the Heater Body Suit

On Amazon, the heater body suit gets really good reviews. On one of the models there is a bad review, but the review states that the product itself is “great” but would never buy from the seller again. I think that person may have mistaken it for an E-bay seller. The only other people to not rate the suit at 5 stars are people that have either not used it, or not used it for it’s intended use. There haven’t been a ton of people that have reviewed it on Amazon, but those that have say that it hands down keeps you warm, which is exactly what it’s meant to do. There are also other reviews that I’ve found online, all of which good.heater body suit


I am actually hoping to get this as a Christmas gift from someone this year. The thing that really sold me on the heater body suit was the fact that you can use it while bow hunting. The straps on the inside allow you to slip out and take your shot while they hold the whole thing up so it doesn’t fall down around your ankles and potentially fall because you get tripped up. If I do not receive one for Christmas, I think this may be one purchase I’m going to have to bite the bullet and make. The way I’m looking at is it this. One heater body suit costs the same as the hand warmers in 24 sits. I could easily surpass that in a single season if we have unseasonably cold temperatures. So long as all the other reviews I’ve read on the product aren’t wrong, the heater bod suit will easily pay for itself very quickly. I’ll be sure to update the review once I’m able to get my hands on one and confirm for myself. Happy Hunting!

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