hecs suit reviewHECS Suit Review – Part 2

I received a HECs suit for Christmas this year. I was extremely happy because I have been wanting to complete an update to the original review ever since I wrote it. Technology helping my hunting in a way that has never been thought of before is extremely appealing to me. The next time I was able to get out and hunt, I was ready. The HECs suit was washed and ready to go as well.

The First Hunt

I have to admit that I was excited to give it a try. I was going to be able to get away with a lot more movement than normal. What could go wrong? After all, they have lots of videos of them out in the open! All kidding aside, the first hunt with the new suit was not a good example.  I spooked 3 bedded does on my walk in.  The only things not covered by the suit were my hands, feet, and face. I easily could have been a few birds making their way down the edge of the field. It just wasn’t meant to be. I did end up seeing 7 deer that evening, but there were all a minimum of 100 yards away. Disappointed, I still had hope for the next hunt.

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The Second Hunthecs suit review

The second hunt was interesting. It wasn’t until late in the evening that I started to see deer. In fact, I had just got done answering a text message from my wife asking how the hunt was going. I looked up and saw 5 does milling about by some trees a couple hundred yards away. They hunt out for quite a while before I finally lost track of them. Just before sunset, a doe came running in to the area. The closest she came to me was 60 yards. That being said, she had no clue I was near and preparing to draw back at any moment.

30 minutes after that doe was out of sight, I saw another doe coming from the opposite direction. Again, she was completely unaware of my presence. She did however, catch my scent from where I walked in. I had run out of scent elimination spray during the last hunt and did not have a chance to get some more. I won’t make that mistake again. Long story short, I didn’t end up harvesting that doe either.

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest, I’m still up in the air. If you are sitting still in your treestand, deer aren’t likely to pick you up. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing this suit or not. If you move, there is a chance that the deer will see you. Again, regardless of whether or not you have the suit on. That being said, the science behind the product is still sound. The product absolutely does work as advertised in terms of significantly reducing the electromagnetic field you give off as you move. We do not yet know if deer can see electromagnetic fields. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess. The question you need to ask yourself is this; would you rather hope they can’t or be prepared in case they can?

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