When is the first day of fall? The answer to that depends on who you ask. If you ask a meteorologist, you’ll receive an answer of “September 1st” because each season is given a three month period. If you ask an astronomer, their answer will be “that depends on the year. This year (2015) fall… Read More

Tru Fire Release & Me   I have personally been using a Tru Fire Release for the past year. It is the first release I have ever bought and I don’t plan on ever getting a new one until this one breaks on me. It is one of the, if not THE cheapest release you… Read More

“What is trophy deer daddy?” That was the first thing my daughter asked me when I started to tell her about trophy deer hunting. She is just 3 years old and as I sat there trying to come up with an answer that was age appropriate, I found myself wondering how I was going to… Read More

2015 Habitat plan execution This is a quick update from my family hunting property in Southern Illinois. The video illustrates start to finish the process of our 2015 habitat plan¬† execution of kill plot #2. The Google earth map above also shows the locations of my two trail cameras.¬† Cam 1 is in the same… Read More

What am I looking for? When you are new to deer hunting, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with everything there is to learn. The best thing to do when starting to learn how to scout for deer is to take it slow. Make it easy on yourself. First, remember that when you are scouting,… Read More

What is tree stand access? The simplest answer is the path that you as a hunter takes to get to and from your tree stand or hunting blind. Most hunters decide that taking the old logging road as close as they can and then making a straight B line for the tree stand is the… Read More

The Stance As the title suggests, this article will be a short article that will explain the basics of how to shoot a compound bow. The first place to start is with your stance (assuming you have already put the arrow on the string. If not please nock your arrow by placing the odd colored… Read More

The Hunting Ethics Lessons Begin As the season here in Illinois draws closer, I can’t help but remember my first hunting ethics lesson I learned during my first deer hunting trip. I was being shown what scouting was and how to do it from my dad when we stumbled across a climbing stand near the… Read More

Trail Cam Pic Thoughts Here are a few 2015 summer trail cam pics. It looks as though we have a few good deer roaming the lower part of the property this summer. Unfortunately the person who put up our cameras is not used to doing so, allowing a branch to be within view of the… Read More

The first time I set up my trail cameras, I was so excited to have them that I completely abandoned thoughts about scent control and ran out to set them up and start getting some good photos. If you have not started taking advantage of what trail camera pictures can do for you, please don’t… Read More