Velvet Bucks Let’s face it. We all love the sight of big velvet bucks on our trail cameras. Better yet, seeing them in person while glassing fields from a distance. Scouting whitetail deer during the summer can lead to some tremendously valuable information for early season hunting. Depending on when your bow hunting season starts,… Read More

Target Needed for the Kids As soon as my oldest girl started was big enough to ask what I’m doing while she watched me send an arrow down range, she has been asking to have her own bow and arrow. Being 3 years old, she really didn’t have the strength to pull back even the… Read More

Happy Father’s Day! I want to start off by saying happy father’s day to all the father’s out there. I also want to make a special mention to all the guys out there that are being father’s the kids that don’t have one. Those men deserve a day all their own. It’s something that I… Read More

Real Life Trading Review Passionate deer hunters like myself are always looking for more ways to spend more time in the woods. Not only that, but who wouldn’t want to potentially leave their 40 hour a week job behind? I have recently made the leap to begin my trading career in order to help secure… Read More

Coyotes in the Past Historically, we’ve never really seen a whole lot of coyotes on our property in Southern Illinois. That’s not to say that they weren’t around, but we rarely caught a glimpse of them when we were there hunting. On top of that, before the cabin and bunk house were built, we were… Read More

A Present From The In-laws My wife’s parents are great people. The longer I know them, the more it seems that we have in common. It first started with our mutual ease of numbers and has grown to include a love of shooting sports as well as a few other activities. One area that we… Read More

We’ve all got one That deer that got away. Maybe it was a button buck that you made a bad shot on. Maybe it was a mature doe that somehow managed to dodge your arrow on a perfect shot. For me, it was a mature buck that I didn’t have the knowledge or patience to… Read More

How Not to Entertain Yourself While in a Treestand These days, it seems like most people pass the time while sitting in their treestand by cruising facebook or playing games of their smart phones. Though I have to admit that I too have fallen victim to the temptation of pulling out my phone to check… Read More

4 Bucks in 3 Days If you read my last post and watched the video, then you know that when I went out on a late March shed hunt I ran in to a young buck that still had is full set of antlers. Though I knew we had a pretty mild winter, I had… Read More

A Late March Shed Hunting Walk Unfortunately, I have not been able to make the trip to Southern Illinois for a shed hunting trip yet this year. I have recently started a new job that has me struggling to find the time to get and do the work necessary to achieve our goals on our… Read More