Meidase Trail Camera Review

Too Cheap to be Good?

It began with me wanting to have a No Glow trail camera. When I saw the Meidase Trail Camera, I was a bit skeptical. Honestly, for no other reason than the price of it compared to the other cameras that market as a no glow camera. They were coming in around $150.00 at the minimum. But, after reading some of the review on Amazon (yes, that’s where I got it and yes, my link is an affiliate link), I decided to give it a try. After all, it was only $60. If nothing else, I’d get to write this Meidase trail camera review so that I could help others decide if the trail cam would be a good fit for what they need.

Meidase Trail Camera
Meidase Trail Camera Greeting Note

The Unboxing

First Impressions

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of the outside appearance of the packaging. I know it has nothing to do with the product itself, but an observation none the less. It’s extremely plain though does get the point across in a very simple manner. Also, I could not find the manufacturer name on the box anywhere. It was only on the sticker that contained the bar code. Upon opening, you are greeted with a welcome note explaining their customer service and product quality expectations and gave an email address for support.

The Inside of the Box

Everything is neat and tidy. The one thing I will say is the there wasn’t a whole lot of protection around the camera. If given a bumpy and painful ride to your door, I could see this becoming an issue. Under the welcome note is the camera, followed by the instructions. After reading through them, I have to say that they are the most thorough instructions I’ve ever seen in a trail camera. Granted, I’ve only used a couple other trail cameras. The strap and a USB cord are included and tucked along one side. So Far, this Meidase trail camera review has been all about things that really don’t matter. So, without further adieu, let’s get into the stuff that you really want to know.

The other Trail cameras that I’ve used (click the links for my reviews on those): Moutlrie M990-Gi and the Bestguarder IP 66 Waterproof Infared

Meidase Trail Camera Review – The Pictures and Videos

Ok. Fast forward about 7 weeks. I’ve now changed out the card a couple of times. I wanted to make sure I got a good idea of how the videos came out. Once I post my YouTube review, you will find the video at the bottom of the page. Until then, you’ll have to see the photo snapshots from the video. I took one from daylight, one from Twilight, and one from the middle of the night.

The Conclusion to the Meidase Trail Camera Review

Honestly, I’m impressed with the quality of the video and corresponding photos. For the price of this camera, I am considering buying a few more to cover a few different areas I have and replace some of the older cameras that are no longer working. That being said, the night vision on the camera did start to go bad after about 30 days. At first, I thought it was just a fluke. It just kept getting worse though. It was too late to return it via Amazon. I do still have to check with the manufacturer though. I still have about 5 months if there is a 1 year warranty on it.

The final word is that I would definitely recommend this trail camera for daytime use based on my experience. It takes good video and photos and doesn’t hurt the budget nearly as much as some other brands. Plus, If you follow the simple tips I learned while using my first trail camera then you should be well on your way to getting lots of great photos and video.

10 comments on “Meidase Trail Camera Review – Bargain or Junk?

  • I have used three sets of batteries with ” NO pictures”. Every time batteries are completely dead
    what is going on with this S3 camera? Junk?

    • I am not sure exactly what’s going on with it. I have not had that problem at all. My batteries are lasting me almost a year. What type of batteries do you use? I’m using lithium ion batteries in all of the cameras I use.
      When I was having a problem with the camera acting weird, it was due to needing to change the batteries. I’m not saying there isn’t anything wrong with the camera you received, I’m just letting you know what my experience has been with it.

  • I have 8 Meidase trail cam’s (had 10 but bears ate 2) they are 2years old now and developing problems. I would like to order 10 new replacements. Does Meidase have an exchange / insenative program.

    • Unfortunately I am not sure if they have a program like that or not. I wasn’t able to find a good number for them either. the best I could do was try to contact them through amazon.

  • I’ve been using the power supply instead of batteries. I don’t like the fact you must set the camera to on, close it, and then apply power to the camera. Same in reverse when opening the camera. I have a formatted SD card. The date and time keep resetting to the factory set. Any ideas why?

    • First off, I’m sorry for the extremely late response. If you do not have any batteries in your meidase trail camera, you are removing all power from the camera when you disconnect the power supply. When you do that, you are also resetting the all the settings as well as the date and time.
      Hope that helps! Best of luck to you!

  • My new trail cam is flashing on and off…. says something about firmware… cannot get menu to come up…. no pictures…

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