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Before recently, I had never even heard of muck boots. I have been wearing the same set of Rocky hunting boots since my second year of hunting 17 years ago. Most people probably don’t believe me, but it’s true. My dad bought them big enough for me to fit 4 pairs of socks over my feet. Honestly, they are probably still a bit too big. I can still wear 2 pairs of very thick socks on my feet while wearing the boots comfortably. However, because this year has not been very cold, I’ve noticed that those boots are just too warm to wear all season long. At my funnel property, I have about a 100 yard walk to my tree. By the time I get there, my feet were soaking wet in sweat. Since I did not bring extra pairs of socks, I ended up getting some really cold feet as the moisture sucked the warmth from my feet as it dried. I’m sure that if I brought in a second pair of socks to put on once I am in the stand, I probably wouldn’t have that problem. Here’s the thing, I would rather not have to expose my sweaty feet to the open air. I spray down right before walking to my stand to eliminate scent, so why would I want to release scent from my feet as soon as I get to my stand? I’d much rather get a pair of boots that are better suited for the early season.Muck Boots

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For a while now I’ve been a part of many different hunting groups on Facebook and other social media outlets. The amount of times I see people asking about what the best hunting boots are or what hunting boots will keep them warm but not overheat them is unbelievable. Each and every time I see those questions, Muck boots have been the number one answer for all around best hunting boot. Many said that these are one of the warmest boots they have ever worn, yet somehow they don’t ever overheat their feet or make them sweat. Somehow these boots have the ability to be completely waterproof and yet totally breathable when needed. On top of that, they are also some of the most comfortable boots I have ever tried on straight out of the box. The form fitting boots are extremely flexible in order to remain comfortable whether you’re taking a walk to a treestand looking for a whitetail or taking a hike up a mountain after sheep. In order to save a little money, order your new boots from Amazon. It’s cheaper than buying them at the store and they come right to your door!

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