Nikon rangefinderArrow I.D. 5000

The Nikon rangefinder that I chose to hunt with is the Nikon Arrow I.D. 5000. Before deciding on which rangefinder to buy, I did a lot of reading details on all sorts of rangefinder options and read countless reviews. One of the things that drove me to the Arrow ID is that at the time of purchase a couple years ago now, it was a “new” product from Nikon. Prior to this model, Nikon had the archer’s choice model that my brother still uses and he has never had a problem with it. Knowing that Nikon has always been a trusted name in optics, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong.  Once I got the Arrow ID in my hands I started testing it in my hunting scenarios, I knew I had made the right choice.

Why chose a Nikon rangefinder?

Nikon has been an industry leader in the optics game for years. If you have never had the opportunity to use Nikon optics, I highly recommend that you do at some point. The clarity of the lenses are second to no other company that I have tried. I’m the type of person that will find a great brand, and stick to it until I believe the quality is no longer there or another company comes along the surpasses the quality while also being a cheaper option. This has been the case with my Nikon Rangefinder. After borrowing my brother’s rangefinder and seeing the clarity and ease of use for myself, I knew there was no reason to try anything else. I had confirmed that the new Nikon rangefinder had met the same quality as all the other optics that Nikon offers.

ConclusionNikon Rangefinder

No matter what rangefinder you end up choosing, do yourself a favor and at least consider buying a Nikon rangefinder. The Arrow ID that I have been using for a few years now is still on it’s original set of batteries and has been extremely easy to use while in the tree stand. Whether you’re ranging spots at first light or targets on the practice range, the Nikon Arrow ID has put up with lots of abuse. The best part about the Arrow ID is the compensation for the angle of the shot. This feature gives you the true lateral distance to the target in order to make ranging as easy and simple as possible. As of the writing of this review, the Nikon Arrow ID is available for purchase on Amazon’s website for just under $280.

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