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When my wife got her new bow this year for Christmas it came with everything needed to hit the field except for a peep sight. Why any bow company would sell a “ready to hunt” bow that doesn’t have a peep sight is beyond me. Anyway, after heading to the store and reading all the packages as well as reviews of all the peep sights on the shelf at my local big box store, I settled on the Radical 3/16″ peep sight.

Peep Sight Review

Honestly, a peep sight is something that you never really think about even though it’s used on every single shot. When trying to make an accurate shot, having a consistent line of sight is a must. Because of that, deciding on what peep sight to get is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Though each person is going to have their own perspective and opinion on what size peep sight works best for them, I have to give a full 2 thumbs up to the Radical Super Deuce 38 3/16″ peep sight. For me, having a “mid-size” peep sight works the best because it lets enough light in to get a good view of your target as well as a little bit around it while still being small enough that you don’t feel like your shooting at the entire animal or target.


I can’t stress enough that the best peep for one person may not be the best one for someone else but hopefully I have given you enough information about why I chose the 3/16″ peep for my bow as well as my wife’s bow. After spending hours at the big box store, I felt stupid for not having taken less time cruising for the peep instead. I could have taken a lot less time to read the reviews there rather than standing in the store looking up reviews for the exact same products. If you want to save a bunch of time, check out Amazon. Besides, Amazon is very competitive in pricing on top of getting your products shipped straight to your door. Happy Hunting!

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