Rage BroadheadMy First Mechanical Broadhead

Many people out there either absolutely love or absolutely hate shooting a Rage broadhead. I’m not sure why, but this brand above all others seems to get the most flack when it comes to the mechanical/fixed blade debate. I must start this off by saying that normally I am a fixed blade guy all the way. Personally, I just like the idea that a fixed blade broadhead cannot fail. All mechanical broadheads have the ability to fail. It’s a simple fact that you can either deal, or not. Anyway, I got my new Bear Outbreak bow last year and shot it all summer with my field tips and the switched over to my broadheads and again had to sight in the bow to hit where I wanted it to. This year, I made it my mission to have my broadheads and field points hit the same point. Basically, I wanted to make sure my bow was fully tuned correctly. Unfortunately, I ran out of time after trying for over a month to get it tuned. At that point, I had less than a couple days left before the season opener and there was no way I was going sight the bow in for the broadheads at that point either. I was done messing with it. Que the mechanical broadhead discussion. Long story short, I decided to try the original 2 blade rage broadhead after a personal recommendation from someone that has been shooting them for years and has never had a problem with them failing to open.

Rage Broadhead Experience (so far)Rage Broadhead

As the heading states, so far the broadheads have been awesome. I took out the practice tip that was provided with it and began shooting it as soon as I got home. As I had hoped and heard, the practice tip hit exactly in the same place as my field points did. So much so that I ruined a nock within the first 5 shots. I was extremely happy to know that I could head in to the woods with complete confidence that my rage broadhead is going to be dead on all the way out to my max effective range of 40 yards. That being said, I am still trying to limit my shots to 30 yards unless I am shooting in to a field where I know I can’t hit a limb that I didn’t notice. I must confess that I have not actually harvested a deer with them yet, so check back at a later date to get the update after I’ve had the chance to let one of these bad boys fly. Happy Hunting!


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