Nicholas Dawa – Some Background Info

I want to start out by saying that I truly appreciate all the readers. You are the reason that I continue to do this. I take great pride in knowing that I’m helping both new and seasoned hunters continue to learn and grow. Nick contacted me sometime before this season started wondering about the video quality of the Canon Vixia Camera that I did the review for. After a lengthy conversation that I was happy to have, Nick asked me for an example of the video quality of the camera. In fact, heĀ  was the reason that I posted the video regarding the video quality of the camera. Since then, Nicholas Dawa has been kind enough to keep in contact with me and update me on his progress this season.

Nick’s Success

When I first got the message that Nick had a good buck down, I was excited. I was excited for more than one reason. First, the obvious reason. I was excited that a reader of mine had been able to harvest a good buck. But on top of that, Nick actually thanked me as though I had anything to do with his success. The reason that he thanked me was for the advice on the great camera that he had now used to film his harvest. His first time capturing a hunt on film. After talking with him, I can guarantee it wont be the last either.


I want to congratulate Nick on a great buck. The fact that he was able to get the shot on film was a great accomplishment that takes a dedication that few people understand. Being willing to pass on a shot because you don’t have the camera view is something that very few hunters have the patience to do. Congrats Nick. You have taken a step towards whitetail hunting mastery. A very slippery slope that is sure to both frustrate you as well as thrill you for years to come.

Happy Hunting!

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