Rocky Boots Review – Boots Needed

The first year I went deer hunting with my dad at the age of 12, I honestly don’t remember what I wore. It wasn’t important. I was more than happy to just be there with him. Now, I look back and am still just grateful that I was able to join him. Little did I know that first deer hunting trip would forever change my life’s passions. I knew right away that it was something I was going to want to do for a very long time. Anyway, the next year, I needed a pair of hunting boots because my feet froze that first year. With that, we headed to the store to get my first pair of hunting boots. After trying on many different styles and patterns, I settled on the pair that I still wear 17 seasons later. It’s that pair of boots that I get to write this rocky boots review about.

Rocky Boots Review – The Review

I have now had the chance to wear these boots in temperatures ranging from the mid 60’s all the way down to wind chills as low as -15 degrees. I wont lie, my feet were definitely not comfortable throughout that entire range, but with a little help even the lowest of temps was doable for a few hours worth of hunting from a treestand. If you are going to be braving the bitter cold temperatures from a treestand then I would recommend using some hand warmers in the boots for the added warmth but overall the boots have performed awesome. I’ve walked through creeks and up mountains and just about every other scenario a whitetail hunter is going to encounter with these boots and they still appear to be almost brand new. The only exception to that is a few spots of blood that show due to not being rinsed of quick enough. The boots are soft, yet rugged; warm, yet breath; and most importantly are comfortable and extremely durable.

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Rocky Boots Review Conclusion

Basically, though these are the only hunting boots that I have ever owned, they rock. I would totally recommend these (and I have) to anyone looking for a new pair of hunting boots.  Whether you’re hiking in to your stand or have been sitting in the stand for several hours, these boots have what it takes to keep your feet warm.  They are also rugged enough to handle a beating. As I said, my 17 season old boots look practically brand new and I’ve slide down hills and along rocks and all sorts of other abusive activities for boots. I couldn’t be happier with them and can’t see me getting any other pair of boots until these wear out (except for those very special occasions where the wind chills are down near -15 again). Happy Hunting!

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