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Tactacam offers a few different variations of their point of view camera. They model shown at the left is the gun mounted model. It comes with the mount to attach to your gun barrel and gives you the ability to re-live your hunts whether it’s deer hunting or Pheasent hunting. Also offered is a bow mounted version coming in two colors. One is Camo and the other flat black. This is a great option for people who want to film their hunts while using a bow. Any bow hunter knows how difficult it is to have everything go right when you aren’t filming, but the Tactacam allows you to film your hunts with ease even then.

Tactacam Pros & Cons

Below is a video that was taken with the Tactacam. I have to say that the video quality is better than I would have expected for most of the video. the biggest problem with this camera is that when you have the “money shot”, the camera is full of vibration. Since this person is not suing lighted nocks you really cant’ tell at all where his arrow hit. Because of that, this camera is really not useful if you just want it to help decide when to take up the blood trail. I imagine that you would have a better time seeing the impact spot if you were using the lighted nocks but still not the same as if you were using a camera like my Canon Vixia. I don’t mean to point out the biggest down fall first. The camera actually does have advantages as well. First of all, the only thing needed to start recording is to turn it on. There is no zooming or worrying about whether or not the animal is in frame. In fact, it has to be one of the simplest ways to film for a long lasting remembrance of the hunt. With the Tactacam, you simply turn it on and that’s it. the camera will automatically be pointing the the right direction.

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The Final Word on Tactacam

The Tactacam is great for people who just want video proof of the hunt/ video memory of the hunt and how it happened. If you are looking for a camera that is going to make filming easy but give you professional quality video, this isn’t the camera for that. When used in conjunction with lighted nocks, the camera could easily give you a good idea of how long you need to wait before picking up the trail. The quality of the video is great so long as you are not shooting (causing vibration). That being said, Amazon has the Tactacam for under $200 when the Canon I mentioned is well over that price without including any of the accessories.  The nice thing about the Tactacam is that is does come with everything needed to immediately start filming. Whether you go for the gun or bow version, everything is included. All together, the equipment to film my hunts with the Canon cost roughly $800 total. That is a big difference for someone just looking to dabble in filming their hunts. This is also true if you are not sure if you are going t o like filming your hunts. It’s not for everyone. For those of you looking for something to film your hunts but don’t want to break the bank or need it for production purposes, the Tactacam is a great choice as the video quality is great for the low price and versatility. Happy Hunting!

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