The 2nd half of the 2019/2020 season was just rough. It all started with the shotgun season. If you haven’t read about that yet, click here. After that, I just couldn’t get on very many deer. When I did, they either weren’t close enough or came in after legal shooting light. I also had a… Read More

Who could have guessed that my best weekend of seeing deer was going to be during the 2019 shotgun season in Illinois. In total, I saw 29 deer over 2 days of hunting and 31 deer if you count the 2 I spooked on my way back in to look for my doe (more on… Read More

Since I had the public land to hunt on during the beginning of the season, I had high hopes that the 2019/20 Deer Hunting season would be as fruitful as last season. Boy was I wrong. This season has had a few good things and it’s fair share of struggles as well. I almost feel… Read More