Right now I have 2 trail camera’s set up on our 80 acres to try and get some pictures of our deer herd. The trail camera placement is along food plots and water in order to try and maximize the amount of deer captured.

Trail Camera Placement

One camera last year was set up right next to the stand mentioned in a previous post along our big field. Last season, this camera location produced pictures of 2 mature shooter bucks. One I estimate to be at least 5 ½ years old at the time of the photo and the other I estimated to be 4 ½. Both of these deer were at the top of my hit list for last year, but neither were seen with my own two eyes. This year, I got the camera’s out before getting that big field ready for the fall planting, so the camera is sitting in our small field of clover. This field has had very little hunting pressure and sits alongside a cedar thicket with great access for hunting. This will be the first year that we have eyes in that location. If I only have doe pictures when I go back to check the camera I will most likely move it to a location that I tried to cover last season but had problems with a failed trail camera.Trail Camera Placement - Camera 1

The second camera is set up in the middle field by the pond. Like the big field, we have not yet gotten this ready for the fall planting. The purpose of this spot is to monitor the pond. Last year, the pond was surrounded with massive rubs and scrapes all the way around and a primary scrape about 6 feet in diameter was within 10 yards of the pond as well. Needless to say, I expect to get some pictures of some good deer there.Trail Camera Placement - Camera 2


For more information on where to set up your trail cameras, Read Tips for Trail Camera Placement

Soon I will begin looking at pictures from this summer to see which bucks are still hanging out around our land from last season. I only have the two camera’s right now so I am very limited in the coverage I’m able to get. By the end of this weekend I will have some trail camera photos from this summer and hopefully introduce you to some potential hit list bucks. I will also have an update as to where I decide to move the trail camera’s if I do in fact decide to move them.

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