urban shed huntingUrban Shed Hunting – The Competition

If you live anywhere that has a deer population but it’s illegal to hunt them due to too high of a human population, then you can pretty much bet that you are going to have some competition when you’re out urban shed hunting. This is especially true in suburban areas around major cities. I live right on the fringe of where the country meets the suburbs. Because of that, there are so many hunters that live around me and they are all thinking the same thing I am right now. In urban areas where you can find a decent amount of deer, people are very quick to get on the best areas in search of those first few sheds to hit the ground. It’s not just the hunters that you have to worry about, there are also a lot of artists out doing some urban shed hunting in order to incorporate the sheds in to their art. On top of that, you also have the local park district employees doing work all throughout the area and can easily find sheds while working before anyone else gets out there.

Urban Shed Hunting Rewards

If you are lucky enough to find an urban shed hunting hot spot, then hold that secret very close to you. When you find that hot spot, it’s going to have a lot of sheds. Not only should you find a lot of sheds, but you should also find some really big ones (for the area). Think about it, the only way that a deer that lives in these areas will die is from natural causes or predators or being hit by a car. Because of that, there should be some older class bucks there that will be dropping some nice sized antlers for you to find. though I have yet to find any sheds in two attempts this year, I know that I am looking in good areas where big bucks are seen by the local park district guys on a regular basis. I still have a few more places to check out and of coarse re-check all the ares I’ve already been to before I call it quits. The urban shed hunting season is just getting under way so if you have some nice local urban parks that hold deer, get out and start looking before someone else does. Happy Hunting!

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