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With what I have left of this summer, there is not too much time to make huge changes to the property. So what’s my 2015 plan going to be? I have some seed and plan to add in two new kill plots on the land that have been selected for stand access. Both stand sites are within 50 yards of the Cabin. Both sites will be set up along travel corridors. The basic idea for the kill plots is to have a small area with some food for the deer to stop in just long enough to get the shot off. I don’t want the deer to be hanging out in these plots for an extended period of time. Both plots will be about 10 yards wide, offering a shot between 10 and 20 yards from the base of the tree I pick and about 10 to 20 yards long to encourage movement through from one side to the other.

At this time, I will not be clearing any trees to accomplish the new kill plots. I want to disturb the area as little as possible for now. If I see that my efforts are paying off even in the slightest, I will get back in there next off season to get some more light in the area and improve the plot. I could honestly go on forever about all the plans I have for the future of this property, but we don’t have time for that right now. Instead, I will give you some more detailed information about my reasoning behind the new kill plots as well as the steps I will need to take in order to complete my projects for the season.

Detailed Plans

One site has had early season deer movement for years, though the movement in that area tends to drop off as the season continues. I suspect this is mostly due to the closeness of the cabin and the openness of the woods in that area. On this site I’d like to hinge cut some trees so that the main drive is no longer visible, hinge cut more trees in order to block the view of my access and funnel the deer back in the direction I want them to leave, and clear the debris where I want the new plot to be as well as my access trail. This site takes advantage of a deep dry creek that deer must go above or below to cross. Any deer that chooses to cross above must pass right by my new set up. In the future I will also be going along the property border in that area to try and funnel the deer towards my new plot and the top crossing rather than crossing below (which is not on our property). See the below picture for this new set-up.What's My Plan - Kill Plot #2

The next kill plot site is just above the cabin and old quarry. I have a steep hill to climb for access to the stand, but that will allow safe entry and exit without the potential for spooking anything. This site will only need to have the debris removed in order to set the site up. This second site is one that will be a little less strategically placed for deer movement and more focused solely on my entry and exit. Though I have observed many deer walking in this area, I also know that it’s not taking advantage of the terrain nearly as much as the first site. The best feature for this site is that it sites along the downwind edge of a ridge that runs just below a good bedding area. My hope is that come rut time, this will be a preferred travel route for bucks cruising down wind of doe bedding. See the below picture for this set-up.

What's My Plan - Kill Plot #1



There is just a short time left in the 2015 preseason so this work needs be done swiftly. I will be making a trip down to the property this week, so hopefully all this work will be done by the end of the week. I will be by myself and I only have a few days down there before I have to be back. I know that I am putting a huge workload on myself but hopefully I will be able to complete the task. Stay tuned to find out!

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