Whitetail DeerWhitetail Deer Woes

Many hunters enter each and every whitetail deer season with high expectations of filling all of their tags and having tremendous success. Each year, a large majority of us are very much disappointed in the way our seasons went. For many years, that’s exactly the way that my hunting has gone as well. Though I started out with great success in my younger years, I became less successful as the years went on even though I was learning more and more about the deer I was hunting. We put in food plots and we added a water hole, yet our sightings just kept getting worse and worse as the years went on. To make matters worse, we were now putting in more time while seeing less deer and have have far less success.

Learning Whitetail Deer Habits

Just over a year ago, I set my sights on becoming a whitetail deer “expert” by the time this season whitetail deerended. While I have definitely not come anywhere near my goal, I have to say that I have improved leaps and bounds over where I was last year at this time. I hit the internet hard to try and find out as much information as I could and eventually came upon Jeff’s website and books. The information that he provides in his blog posts are tremendous for anyone that is really looking to take their hunting to the next level. Since beginning to take advise that Jeff has given both in his books as well as while listening to him talk on podcasts such as the Wired to Hunt Podcast, the amount of deer I see per sit has almost immediately increased back up to where is was before it started to decline years ago. Much of what I have learned from Jeff are things that I most likely would have eventually figured out myself after years of trying to harvest a mature buck but only if I was diligently thinking about it and taking notes. Though Jeff promotes himself as a habitat consultant, he will be the first one to tell you that more often than not, it’s the hunter’s mindset that needs the improvement rather than the land itself.


If you are looking for a way to skyrocket your knowledge of whitetail deer and how to consistently connect on mature deer, then check out the trilogy of books that Jeff has put out and are available on Amazon. Take the time to read the comments and testimonials left in regards to the success Jeff has brought them purely by reading the book. You notice that I said testimonials rather than reviews. The reason for that is because most of them are written far more like a testimonial than a review which speaks to the wealth of knowledge that Jeff has put in to his books. Happy Hunting!

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