How I got Chiggers First off, let me say that chiggers are the worst! If you have ever had the pleasure of getting chigger bites then you can relate. Otherwise, consider yourself lucky!  I’ve gotten bit by chiggers before but this was the worst I’ve ever had it. To make matters worse, I actually ended… Read More

DNR Website list for all 50 states I searched for a while to find this list and wasn’t able to find it. So, I decided to create it myself! Here is a quick list of all 50 states and their DNR website. Simply click on your state and the website will pop up in a… Read More

“How much does it cost to start Hunting?” I recently had the chance to talk with someone that has never been hunting. Though he has interest in starting to hunt, he has absolutely no idea what to do, where to go, or what equipment he needs in order to do so. I began to realize… Read More

“Sweet, A Deer!…. Oh” Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We hear a twig snap or some leaves rustle and we automatically go into kill mode. Usually, this happens before we even confirm that a deer made the sound! I know I’ve done it. Buck fever is something that every hunter experiences. Though I… Read More

The Skinny on the Josh Bowmar Controversy Recently, the Josh Bowmar controversy has spread through the internet regarding his killing of a black bear with a spear. At first, I tried to ignore it. I figured it was just another attempt by anti-hunters to get some legislation going or create a wedge within the hunting… Read More

Coyotes in the Past Historically, we’ve never really seen a whole lot of coyotes on our property in Southern Illinois. That’s not to say that they weren’t around, but we rarely caught a glimpse of them when we were there hunting. On top of that, before the cabin and bunk house were built, we were… Read More

How Not to Entertain Yourself While in a Treestand These days, it seems like most people pass the time while sitting in their treestand by cruising facebook or playing games of their smart phones. Though I have to admit that I too have fallen victim to the temptation of pulling out my phone to check… Read More

Antlers For Dogs – A Long lasting Chew If you have a dog that like to chew, then you know that frustrating feeling that comes over you when you walk in the house to have chewed up shoes or furniture. Though I haven’t had a puppy in my house for almost 10 years, I can… Read More

Don’t know how to use a portable bow press? If you are unsure of how to use a portable bow press, the worst thing you can do is just try to figure it out. If you do something wrong you could be putting yourself in unnecessary danger. Proper use of your equipment is a must… Read More

End of Season Equipment Check – Rage Replacement Blades Now that the season is over, I’m finally getting around to doing my end of season equipment check. Part of that obviously is to check my broadheads. While doing so, I remembered that I had not yet replaced the blades on my rage 2 blade broadhead.… Read More