Family Differences in Deer Hunting Strategies This is something that I wish I did not have experience with. Over the last few years there has been a growing distance between the deer hunting strategies of the hunters on the family property. The saddest part about all of it is that the end goal is the… Read More

Urban Shed Hunting – The Competition If you live anywhere that has a deer population but it’s illegal to hunt them due to too high of a human population, then you can pretty much bet that you are going to have some competition when you’re out urban shed hunting. This is especially true in suburban… Read More

Trapping – What I’ve Observed The recent trend on what you should be doing this time of year is trapping. I have hunted almost every single deer season for 18 years. When it comes to the places that I have hunted during that time, I have seen very few predators while actually on stand. Even… Read More

Mature Buck Harvests Out Number Yearlings For the first time in QDMA’s history, the number of hunters in the United States made the decision to harvest a mature buck finally out numbered the amount of yearling bucks taken during the 2014-15 season. QDMA announced the numbers just a few days ago. With only one more… Read More

Bows For Sale – The New Trend Lately, I’ve seen all sort of Facebook groups and pages dedicated to nothing but selling just about anything you can think of. Because of that, it’s actually quite easy to find a wide range of bows for sale simply by cruising these places online. Technology these days has… Read More

Deer Hunter Trespassing Amy and I chose to go hunt a location that nobody had been to since the first day or so of the first firearms season in Illinois. While in camp, we had one deer hunter that likes this particular spot and had mentioned finding a climbing treestand that didn’t belong to anyone… Read More

Deer Hunting Season – To Some It’s serious. Whether they do not hunt with a bow or they purely hunt for the meat, some hunters see deer hunting season as a serious task with no time for fun.  These hunters are on a mission to kill a deer and they won’t let anything stop them.… Read More

Deer Hunting Videos site I recently found a great site that has a whole bunch of great deer hunting videos. The site is They not only have great deer hunting videos, but they also have lots of other hunting videos as well. Though I like to focus on deer hunting here because it’s my… Read More

How I got Hunter Kids Honestly, I think I just got lucky. At least, so far that is. My oldest is 3 and has been asking to go hunting with me for about as long as she has been able to talk. Since the day she was born I’ve been showing her camo and wearing… Read More

Deer camp in the past Traditionally, deer camp has always been a place for the men. A place where men could be men and not worry about accidentally offending a woman that may be close by. A place were we can fart and burp and drink as much as we want without getting hassled by… Read More