4 Bucks in 3 Days If you read my last post and watched the video, then you know that when I went out on a late March shed hunt I ran in to a young buck that still had is full set of antlers. Though I knew we had a pretty mild winter, I had… Read More

A Yearly Cycle Each spring, bucks begin to grow new antlers for the upcoming fall rut. Just how big those new antlers will be depends on a wide range of things including overall health and nutrition. As we watch bucks age, it’s awesome to see just how big of a difference one year can make… Read More

How Eyes Work Most of us were forced to sit through some sort of biology class where we were told about our own eyes and how we are able to perceive the world. For those of you who aren’t old enough or weren’t paying attention, I’ll run through that quickly before talking about the difference… Read More

The Stories We’ve all seen these photos and heard the stories that have circulated the internet talking about female deer with antlers.  We see the photos, but with programs like Photoshop, you really can’t trust any photo that you see these days. You know that in humans we have homosexuals and trans-gendered people as well… Read More