sit drag saddle hunting

I can be honest. I never saw myself using one of these. But, over the last year or so I’ve learned about saddle hunting. That combined with me having to give my brother his climber back forced me to rethink my stance. Enter the Sit Drag. I had heard of a few people using modified… Read More

Too Cheap to be Good? It began with me wanting to have a No Glow trail camera. When I saw the Meidase Trail Camera, I was a bit skeptical. Honestly, for no other reason than the price of it compared to the other cameras that market as a no glow camera. They were coming in… Read More

Finding the Bestguarder Trail Camera For several years I’ve had deer notice my cameras and then come over and check them out. This year I finally decided to try something else. I know that part of my issue was scent. Even though I sprayed down the cameras and my clothes when setting the cameras, you really can’t 100%… Read More

HECS Suit Review – Part 2 I received a HECs suit for Christmas this year. I was extremely happy because I have been wanting to complete an update to the original review ever since I wrote it. Technology helping my hunting in a way that has never been thought of before is extremely appealing to… Read More

When I got it and What I’ve Got Recently, I had a someone ask if I had any video of my hunts with the Canon Vixia HF R600. I had to tell him that I had not published any video of my hunts with the camera as of yet. Because of that, I wanted to… Read More

Target Needed for the Kids As soon as my oldest girl started was big enough to ask what I’m doing while she watched me send an arrow down range, she has been asking to have her own bow and arrow. Being 3 years old, she really didn’t have the strength to pull back even the… Read More

A Present From The In-laws My wife’s parents are great people. The longer I know them, the more it seems that we have in common. It first started with our mutual ease of numbers and has grown to include a love of shooting sports as well as a few other activities. One area that we… Read More

Looking for a Peep Sight When my wife got her new bow this year for Christmas it came with everything needed to hit the field except for a peep sight. Why any bow company would sell a “ready to hunt” bow that doesn’t have a peep sight is beyond me. Anyway, after heading to the… Read More

No Binoculars = Unsure Sightings For the longest time, I did not own a pair of binoculars. Honestly, I didn’t think I needed them. I certainly had never looked at a Bushnell binoculars review, or any other binocular review for that matter. However, the older I get the more I realize that having a good… Read More

The Tactacam Options Tactacam offers a few different variations of their point of view camera. They model shown at the left is the gun mounted model. It comes with the mount to attach to your gun barrel and gives you the ability to re-live your hunts whether it’s deer hunting or Pheasent hunting. Also offered… Read More