Rocky Boots Review – Boots Needed The first year I went deer hunting with my dad at the age of 12, I honestly don’t remember what I wore. It wasn’t important. I was more than happy to just be there with him. Now, I look back and am still just grateful that I was able… Read More

Whitetail Deer Woes Many hunters enter each and every whitetail deer season with high expectations of filling all of their tags and having tremendous success. Each year, a large majority of us are very much disappointed in the way our seasons went. For many years, that’s exactly the way that my hunting has gone as… Read More

Looking For The Best Bow Holder You may or may not have read my review of the Primos Bow Holder. If you did, then you may remember that the only real complaint that I had was the amount of time and effort needed to screw it in to the tree. Never the less, it was… Read More

Muddy Camera Arm – Anything’s Better than Nothing When the season started back in October, I knew that I wanted to start filming my hunts. More than that, I was determined to get a kill shot on camera during my first year filming my hunts. The biggest problem that I had (of many) was that… Read More

I Need a “Video my Hunts Camera” For those of you that have followed along in my adventures through the 2015-16 Illinois deer hunting season, you know that I’ve been filming with an old point and shoot Canon Powershot SD1000. Though I’ve actually been pretty satisfied with the quality of the video I got from… Read More

Gun Cleaning Kit for a First Gun or Hunter’s Needs For the average hunter, the gun cleaning kit that you need can be pretty basic. If you are just the average non hunting home owner that owns a weapon for self defense, your gun cleaning kit can be even more basic. Either way, a simple… Read More

What is a HECS Suit? You may or may not have seen the 30 minute infomercial style television show that HECS has on the Pursuit channel. If you have, then I don’t need to explain to you what a HECs suit is. For those of you that have not seen the show, the HECs suit… Read More

Heater Body Suit – Needs a Look For years, I have froze my butt off in the stand. No matter how many layers I put on or how warm the clothes I had on were supposed to be, I still froze. The quickest answer was to use hand warmers. I have to admit that they… Read More

New Boots Needed Before recently, I had never even heard of muck boots. I have been wearing the same set of Rocky hunting boots since my second year of hunting 17 years ago. Most people probably don’t believe me, but it’s true. My dad bought them big enough for me to fit 4 pairs of… Read More

A Legendary Whitetails Christmas Not too many years ago, my family found the legendary whitetails company. That year, I think 90% of my gifts came from there. At the time, we just so happened to be searching for hunting related apparel and came across their website. Since then, my family has pretty much made it… Read More