Needing a new Target It’s been a while since I was in the market for a new archery target and I’ll tell you the reason why in just a little bit, but I want to share how I came to check out what Rinehart targets had to offer. I had just decided to pick my… Read More

Tinks 69 for Free I first off want to start by saying that I normally never use scents or lures. Personally, I prefer to leave as little trace of anything being different as possible. That being said, when I signed up for a year’s subscription to Midwest Outdoors, I received a free bottle of the… Read More

Rage 2 Blade Review – Background I did a review of the rage 2 blade broadheads before the season began which can be found here. Since this was my first year using the rage 2 blade broadheads, I had yet to actually harvest an animal. To me, my review was incomplete because of that. So… Read More

A Hand Muff? When I first started hunting, there was no such thing as a hand muff as far as I knew. The best I had was hand warmers that would last for a few hours and definitely helped keep me warm, but they seemed to be more of a band aid than and actual… Read More

Early Season Bugs During the early season, it’s no secret that the bugs are still out. Many places are still over a month away from that first frost and the mosquitoes can be relentless. I am lucky enough that even during opening day, the temperatures are normally such that the bugs are not very active.… Read More

First Time Climber User I have to admit, this is the very first climber I have ever tried out before. This particular Summit Viper climbing stand is used, so I also wanted to make sure to mention that as I’m sure that it effects my use of it. Ever since I started hunting, I’ve always… Read More

Bow Holder Needed It sounds more like an odd craigslist ad than it does a headline, but when I first started getting in to bow hunting, I honestly never even thought about it. I had grown up gun hunting only, so I simply didn’t need anything to hold my weapon. So that first year that… Read More

My First Mechanical Broadhead Many people out there either absolutely love or absolutely hate shooting a Rage broadhead. I’m not sure why, but this brand above all others seems to get the most flack when it comes to the mechanical/fixed blade debate. I must start this off by saying that normally I am a fixed… Read More

Why a Two Man Ladder Stand? There are many reasons that someone would need a two man ladder stand for their hunting location. First off, using a two man ladder stand is perfect to get little ones or new hunters out there with you. You don’t want to take a new hunter and throw them… Read More

My First Grunt Call To be honest, I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for when I first started looking at grunt calls. I didn’t even know who all made them, Flextone included. As you watch the hunting channels, it doesn’t take long to notice that each show is featuring a different call.… Read More