Who could have guessed that my best weekend of seeing deer was going to be during the 2019 shotgun season in Illinois. In total, I saw 29 deer over 2 days of hunting and 31 deer if you count the 2 I spooked on my way back in to look for my doe (more on… Read More

When I first heard the term saddle hunting, I was confused. At first I honestly thought the person was talking about trying to find a saddle for a horse. My next thought was that they were talking about finding saddles in the terrain while scouting. Turns out, neither was correct. To boil it down, Saddle… Read More

How to Start Deer Hunting If you didn’t grow up in a family that has hunters, it’s tough to know where to begin. A quick google search results in a vast array of strategies for hunters that are looking to up their game. It was hard to find something that explains the simplest of basics… Read More

“How much does it cost to start Hunting?” I recently had the chance to talk with someone that has never been hunting. Though he has interest in starting to hunt, he has absolutely no idea what to do, where to go, or what equipment he needs in order to do so. I began to realize… Read More

Bow Tuning Basics Many modern compound bows are extremely adjustable without having to bring it in to a bow tech or use a bow press. My current bow (Bear Archery Outbreak) is no exception. In order to change the draw length, all I need is a Phillips head screwdriver. That’s not the only example of… Read More

Is a Mock Scrape Hard to do? When I first heard the term “Mock Scrape” I had no idea what it was or how to do it. Really, at the time I hardly knew what a real scrape was. That being the case, I honestly didn’t really care what a mock scrape was. I also… Read More

Why Do You Need a Portable Bow Press? I’ll put aside the fact that it’s always a good idea to be over prepared for a minute and discuss the other reasons it’s a good idea to have a portable bow press either in your pack, or at the very least in your vehicle. You never… Read More

Target Panic – It’s Normal First of all, let me ease your mind a little bit. Target panic is something that almost every single archer is going to deal at some point. Some will have an issue with it right at the get go and others won’t have any problems for years and then all… Read More

With the season over in most of the country. Many hunters are still trying to cling to deer season. Without many options, we take to the woods in search of the ever elusive deer antlers shed this time of year. Though in some areas the deer may keep their antlers for a few more weeks,… Read More

Planned to Hunt Sunday marked the final day of the 2015-16 archery season here in Illinois. As you may or may not know, I had planned on hitting the woods that afternoon to try and fill my final tag. I arrived home from the hunt the previous evening almost frozen to the bone. I left… Read More