Peak Deer Movement Times In general, you can expect deer movements times to be pretty consistent. Deer will move most often during the early morning and late afternoon. More specifically, the peak deer movement times on a daily basis are the first hour after first light and the last hour before last light every day.… Read More

I’m Not a Weatherman I have to start off by saying that I am not a meteorologist. I did not go to school to study weather. However, in recent years I have taken a big interest in the atmospheric pressure and how it relates to deer hunting. It seems as though people are starting to… Read More

Play the Wind Ever since the thought of scent elimination, there have been hunters that have resisted. Hunters who say that in order to get a big mature deer you just have to play the wind. They say that if your stands are hung with the wind in mind that it really makes no difference… Read More

Is it Difficult? It doesn’t have to be. The very first time I shot one, I had absolutely no idea how to sight in a bow. At the time there really wasn’t much out there in terms of the internet. I know that is hard to believe for some. However, you are actually in the… Read More

Broadhead Tuning Basic Idea The basic idea of broadhead tuning is to try and get your bow as tuned as it possible can be. If you can shoot your fixed blade broadhead and have it hit the same as your field points do, then you’ve got a tuned bow. If you have to shoot a… Read More

Choosing the General Location When it comes to the art of tree stand placement, there are many things to consider. The first thing that needs to be addressed is the general location. This should be something that is located during a scouting session. If you are not familiar with how to scout for a good… Read More

My Shooting with Fingers Experience Startin from the very first time I learned how to shoot a compound bow with fingers that is the way that I used a bow all the way up until the summer of 2014. For me, it was really a matter of finances that forced me to stick with fingers.… Read More

Tree Stand Safety Don’t List First off, never ever climb a tree with nothing to stop you from falling. While that may sound like common sense to some of you, I can’t tell you how many stories I hear each year about someone falling out of a tree while hanging¬† a tree stand. That can… Read More

Can you hang your treestands to early? Personally, I don’t think you can possibly hang your treestands too early. The earlier you have them in place, the more likely it is that the deer in the area will be back to ignoring their presence before you are sitting up there.¬† All the stand locations that… Read More

I want to focus on archery hunting for the purposes of this article. However, the correct location of where to shoot a deer discussed for archery hunters is the same place a gun hunter will want to aim as well. As a gun hunter, you can be far less worried about an exact aiming point… Read More