Family Trip To The Cabin Prior to going in to what we did for our 2017 food plot planting, I want to take the opportunity to inform you of and ask you to check out the other articles from this trip (Chigger, Chigger Bites, & How To Get Rid Of Chiggers , 2017 Total Eclipse… Read More

Chestnut Trees for Deer Over the last 3-5 years I’ve been hearing a lot about chestnut trees for deer and how good of an attractant they are for deer. In fact, there is even a commercial attractant based on chestnuts. With all the rage, I have yet to find really good evidence that deer actually… Read More

What Do Deer Eat? Everything When you’re sitting up in your treestand overlooking an awesome looking food plot that’s empty, it’s easy to ask yourself “what do deer eat since they are here eating my food plot?”. That being said, it should still come as no surprise to you that deer will eat just about… Read More

Hinge Cutting for Deer – Cutting Safely Obviously, whenever we are doing something that involves cutting of any sort you want to be careful. This is especially true when hinge cutting for deer because you are most likely using a chainsaw. Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous if not taken seriously. Though it’s not required that… Read More

Small Deer – They’re Still Deer, Right? Lately I have seen numerous social media posts with happy hunters showing off their harvest. Many of them are sharing their very first deer harvest, and many of them are small deer. I am extremely happy to see so many new hunters getting their first whitetail which ensures… Read More

Do You Need a Deer Sanctuary? Yes! At least, if you want mature deer to spend any significant amount of time on your property. This is especially true for mature bucks. It’s not hard to come up with areas on your property that can become a deer sanctuary. First, any area that you can’t get… Read More

The Food Plot Seed Brand War Each and every time I turn on any hunting show, I’m constantly reminded of which food plot seed the show uses. In fact, as I write this article, a commercial in the background is talking about using some Wildgame Innovations attractant. I know that all these shows need to… Read More

What’s your management plan goal? This is the number one aspect in deciding where your management plan will take you. Depending on your individual goals, your property may already be providing you with everything you desire, making an actual management plan all but completely unnecessary. Say for example that your main objective for your property… Read More

Doe Deer – How many do you have? The very first question you must answer in order to know if you need to be taking does off your hunting property is how many does you actually have utilizing the property. The easiest way to do this is to take a trail camera survey (directions on… Read More

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