Earlier this month I went on a very long walk to complete some spring scouting 2020 tasks. First, I wanted to walk the new main trails that were created over the last couple of years. With the strong storms we’ve had there have been a lot of trees that fell down. Those trees generally fell… Read More

The 2nd half of the 2019/2020 season was just rough. It all started with the shotgun season. If you haven’t read about that yet, click here. After that, I just couldn’t get on very many deer. When I did, they either weren’t close enough or came in after legal shooting light. I also had a… Read More

Who could have guessed that my best weekend of seeing deer was going to be during the 2019 shotgun season in Illinois. In total, I saw 29 deer over 2 days of hunting and 31 deer if you count the 2 I spooked on my way back in to look for my doe (more on… Read More

Since I had the public land to hunt on during the beginning of the season, I had high hopes that the 2019/20 Deer Hunting season would be as fruitful as last season. Boy was I wrong. This season has had a few good things and it’s fair share of struggles as well. I almost feel… Read More

After last year, I was somewhat uneasy about applying for the public land spot. My wife Amy did not get enough hunting hours in last year to be able to join me this year. Luckily, my brother has been waiting for an opportunity. Since Amy was unable to apply with me this year, my brother… Read More

2nd Annual New Years Eve Trip After last years success, we decided to make the new years eve trip an annual thing. This year I decided to make the trip a bit longer. I did so by using my last day and a half of vacation time. The weather was not what you would consider… Read More

Lots of Hunting at the Public Land With the updated requirements of 5 hunts and 25 hours of hunting time, we had some pressure to get up there as much as possible. I have been up there several times since the season opener. Because of that, I’ve kept a pretty good pace to have no… Read More

Last Minute Scouting Provides Excitement The weekend before the season opened, I headed up to the public land spot that I have to do some last minute scouting as well as help the gentleman that will have the spot for the second half of the season set up a stand. After some discussion about exactly… Read More

Itching to be back on Public Land Those of you who have followed my adventures throughout the history of the website will remember that I got selected by my local forest preserve  a few years ago to participate in their deer hunting program. During that season, I was able to harvest a doe on my very first trip out. I’ve read… Read More

Multi Purpose Trip I planned my trip down to the family farm in Southern Illinois with stand movement in mind. Originally, I was going to have my brother and wife with me. We had a list of things that we wanted to accomplish over the weekend. Spring scouting was not on that list due to the… Read More