2015 Habitat plan execution This is a quick update from my family hunting property in Southern Illinois. The video illustrates start to finish the process of our 2015 habitat plan¬† execution of kill plot #2. The Google earth map above also shows the locations of my two trail cameras.¬† Cam 1 is in the same… Read More

Trail Cam Pic Thoughts Here are a few 2015 summer trail cam pics. It looks as though we have a few good deer roaming the lower part of the property this summer. Unfortunately the person who put up our cameras is not used to doing so, allowing a branch to be within view of the… Read More

My family now owns the 80 acres that I have hunted on since I was 12. There have been many changes made to the property since we took over. First off, my father’s dream has always been to have an1800’s style cabin. Even so, the first project was to create a drive way and clear… Read More

Quick Overview With what I have left of this summer, there is not too much time to make huge changes to the property. So what’s my 2015 plan going to be? I have some seed and plan to add in two new kill plots on the land that have been selected for stand access. Both… Read More

Right now I have 2 trail camera’s set up on our 80 acres to try and get some pictures of our deer herd. The trail camera placement is along food plots and water in order to try and maximize the amount of deer captured. Trail Camera Placement One camera last year was set up right… Read More

Okay, so here’s the ending to the story of my first hunting trip. If you have not already done so, it would be beneficial to read the beginning of the story here. Seeing as how it was my first hunt ever, I had not idea that this wasn’t something that was normal and simply began… Read More

As stated in my last post, my first deer hunting trip came when I was 12 years old. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I remember waking up before the sun and getting ready, pulling on the worn out hand me down camo from my cousin. As we hopped in the truck… Read More

First off, I want to welcome all of you along on my journey to harvest mature deer only. Though I will be willing to take a young doe if the situation calls for it, I have made the decision to challenge myself as a whitetail deer hunter. My first deer hunting story comes from when… Read More