Multi Purpose Trip I planned my trip down to the family farm in Southern Illinois with stand movement in mind. Originally, I was going to have my brother and wife with me. We had a list of things that we wanted to accomplish over the weekend.¬†Spring scouting was not on that list due to the… Read More

Velvet Bucks Let’s face it. We all love the sight of big velvet bucks on our trail cameras. Better yet, seeing them in person while glassing fields from a distance. Scouting whitetail deer during the summer can lead to some tremendously valuable information for early season hunting. Depending on when your bow hunting season starts,… Read More

Just like ever other aspect of hunting, the weather can play a huge role in having a successful shed hunting season or not. If you happen to have habitat that is more conducive to cold and bitter winters, then this year may not be so good for you. Conversely, the last couple of years should… Read More

Scouting and Hunting Deer Before Snow Unfortunately, most hunters spend all of their time hunting around and looking for deer in late August and September that they want to target come the opening of the season. If you are able to put your eyes on a mature deer during pre-season and are able to get… Read More

As a hunter, when you stumble across some deer tracks it’s hard to ignore that feeling of wonder. You wonder where they lead, where they come from, why the deer chose to use that route and any number of other questions as well. Luckily, if you take the time to dig a little deeper, the… Read More

Topographic Maps – What They Are In the simplest of terms, topographic maps are a way to show the terrain of an area on a 2D surface. As you walk along an area in most parts of the country, the land is not perfectly flat. A Topographic map will show you how hilly an area… Read More

Found the Spot So, you’re either checking out some aerial maps or just so happen to see deer in a particular location on a regular basis. You want to hunt there but you have absolutely no idea who owns the land. There doesn’t seem to be a home on the property so you know that… Read More

How I lost it to begin with Last year I had a spot on an awesome funnel. I actually used the aerial photos from that spot in my article regarding Scouting for Deer by using aerial photos.¬† Anyway, I was not the only person who supposedly had permission to hunt the place. There were three… Read More

Got My First Camera I was so excited when I got my Moultrie that I ran out and set it up in my back yard immediately. At the time, we had some chestnuts falling and I wanted to see what was coming in to eat them at night. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to… Read More

Short on Time I know, I know. You don’t have much time to hit the woods scouting deer trails and bedding areas. If you are like me, you have kids, a job, a spouse, and numerous other responsibilities to juggle each and every day. That doesn’t leave much time for getting out in the woods.… Read More