cheap archery targetTarget Needed for the Kids

As soon as my oldest girl started was big enough to ask what I’m doing while she watched me send an arrow down range, she has been asking to have her own bow and arrow. Being 3 years old, she really didn’t have the strength to pull back even the cheapest of child bow and arrow.s After spending some time with her at the store, we settled on the Barnett Lil Sioux Archery Set. She could hardly pull it back but she wanted the challenge. I figured that I could let her use one of my targets. I didn’t realize that I didn’t own a cheap archery target and that it would become an issue.

Once we got home she immediately wanted to shoot it so I got her all set up. After a 10 minute conversation on how to use it along with a few safety precautions, she was ready to take her first shot. At the time, I only had the targets that I used (Rinehart Rhinoblock and Field Logic Shooter Buck) . No matter how hard she pulled on the string, she could not get her arrow to stick in the target. Even I had a hard time getting the arrow to stick in the Shooter Buck target and I was maxing out the draw length on it. Within a few minutes she got discouraged and was ready to quit. It was then that I decided I needed to get her and her sister their own target.

Finding a Cheap Archery Target

I knew that I wanted something cheap. After all, I wasn’t sure how long Cali (my oldest) would be interested in shooting. Even if she really took to it, I knew a Styrofoam target would be plenty good for a while. When I found the Tuffblock on amazon I read a few of the reviews. It didn’t take long to determine that for less than $30 the Tuffblock was exactly what I was looking for.

So far my daughter has put about 50 shots on the target and it’s still holding up strong. There are definitely a bunch of holes in the outer cover, and she routinely has her arrows sticking in the target which has boosted her confidence tremendously. She still hasn’t shrunk her groups much, but she’s still building arm strength.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this target is perfect, so long as you are realistic with usage. Though I have definitely put a few arrows in to it with my Bear Archery bow, I can’t recommend doing so on a regular basis. This cheap archery target will last a long time for a child with a small poundage bow. I feel like I’m going to need to replace the cover before I need to replace the styrofoam center. When looking for a cheap archery target, check out the Tuffblock. It’s a phenomenal product for what it is. Keep realistic expectations and this product will have no trouble meeting them.

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